Spotlightblog 2

There are many different ways that people and young adults can deal with stress. Some times people do things such as take drugs, go on walks, and other daily activities that help keep their mind of stress. Something very interesting that I learned about stress and good ways to handle it is too stay busy. Lots of times when people are stressed about something and keep thinking about their problem they think about it most when they are not busy like at night time. During the day however there is so much activity going on and it distracts us from our problems. It is very important to try to stay stress free because there are so many things that can go wrong with your health if you are stressed all the time. For example, people who are stressed all the time or think about it constantly have very high blood pressure. Much higher than someone who has very minimal stress or can control it very well. There are certain types of stress that are good for people such as an athlete having stress or a student with an test the next day. This type of  stress is good for people because it gives them something to work for and something to think about.


Author: simon665

A sophomore student at Elizabeth town. I am currently pursuing my major in communications and hope to become music album cover designer.

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