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When you are growing up as a child in Middle school or High school, it is very important that you learn and develop good study habits over the years.  Parents play a very big roll in this because they provide the material, and the studying space where you study your material. They provide the environment and the home that you live in and that plays a big roll because if you have noisy parents or parents that are always arguing its probably hard to learn the material. Some things that parents can do to help their children study is make a routine for meals and for study time. It is good to do this because then the child has a habit for studying his school work right after he eats a meal. And this is the best time to study because your you not thinking about eating just studying. In addition parents need to provide a special place for the kids to study. Sometimes studying in your room is not the most effective way to learn the material. When kids are in their room sometimes they get distracted or feel like they can slack off because no one is watching them. Personally when I’m studying in my room I don’t get anything done because I’m always on my phone or watching tv. This is why when I study, I turn off the tv and I put my phone face down so its not a distraction. Your friends can wait but studying for a test that you have tomorrow cannot wait. Also, another good think that parents can do to help their children study is offer to review the material with them periodically. Do this so that they don’t feel pressured and feel like they have to know all the information perfectly the first time you quiz them.

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A sophomore student at Elizabeth town. I am currently pursuing my major in communications and hope to become music album cover designer.

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