Impression post week 6

Should Marijuana be legalized or not ? Many people in the United states and around the world love Marijuana and love the effects that it gives you. In fact there are some places in the united states and around the world that it is legal to smoke and buy marijuana like places in Amsterdam, or California where weed is decriminalized and almost legal. People say that in 10 years from now Marijuana will be legal every where. But will it be ? There will always be problems with marijuana no matter what. For example driving high. People do this and participate in this all the time. Is it dangerous ? well it does slow down your reaction time a little bit but yes it is not good too drive under the influence of Marijuana because it is illegal. And it will always be illegal because it is not safe for other drivers on the road. Yes marijuana can help people who actually “need” it, but people are trying to get medical cards all over the place who don’t actually need it for Medical use they just like to get high. I think that it will be a major problem if weed is Legal everywhere because there will be more car accidents and more people will be in danger of others that are under the influence. I think that Marijuana is an amazing plant and i have nothing against it, but if it becomes legal all hell will break loose. I think the idea of having it decriminalized is a good idea because people get in trouble and have to pay huge fines for having buds of an actual plant on them. In my opinion i think that is very ridiculous. I think that weed should stay illegal but decriminalized in more areas around the world and in the United States.


Author: simon665

A sophomore student at Elizabeth town. I am currently pursuing my major in communications and hope to become music album cover designer.

3 thoughts on “Impression post week 6”

  1. I like your comment about the thought of driving high and the effects it can have on one’s self as well as other drivers. Smoking marijuana does slow reaction time, can alter one’s mood, and perception of thought. If weed were legalized I wonder what implications or laws officers would make in regards to operating a moving vehicle. Many smoke cigarettes while driving and this is considered legal I presume in most places. However, weed has a different affect on one’s body. If pulled over with the suspicion of one smoking marijuana, how will it be tested? Other than obvious signs that someone is high what other steps will someone have to take to prove they are sober? In regards to your ideas on decriminalizing and making fines less and eliminating criminal penalties, I don’t agree. I believe that giving someone such a fine ensures that they won’t do it again or helps to keep it so that it stays illegal. Criminalization enforces the laws against the use of weed to stay followed. If everyone who got caught with marijuana got out of it with no consequence then they would probably continue using it and view the law as flexible.


  2. Simon,
    You make a really good point about Marijuana influencing the way people drive when they get behind the wheel high! We learned that Marijuana is considered its own category of drug as it can produce hallucinations, symptoms of stimulants, and symptoms of depressants in a person. I believe that you touched on Miarijuana’s depressant symptoms when you described your reaction time being “slowed down” while high, as your central nervous system begins to slow down, decreasing the amount neurons firing in your brain.

    This was a very strong point to make! To further your idea, I would also add that driving high would not be considered safe as the depressant symptoms of Marijuana interfers with your judgement, motor skills, and concentration, which are all needed while reading road signs, watching traffic lights, and turning corners while driving.

    The only thing that I believe could use clarification on your post is when you say that Marijuana should be considered illegal, but it should be decriminalized, which would mean that it would cease in being illegal. It would confuse me if it was illegal to use Marijuana, but it was legal to carry it around. What would be the point?

    But besides that, I can tell that you had a very strong opinion while writing this post! Good job!


  3. You touched on a lot of things that I didn’t think of while writing my post. I never really though about the dangers of driving high because it seems like so many people do it. That could definitely be a safety hazard though. If weed was ever made legal, I feel like the police would have to come up with some sort of field sobriety test for it. Besides the high drivers, why do you think all hell would break loose if weed was legalized? I think it could be a problem if everyone is high all of the time but I think that for the most part, people would be able to control that. It would probably be used with close to the same frequency as alcohol. Plus weed isn’t like heroin where everyone would just be junkies. I definitely agree with you about the decriminalization of weed. The fines you have to pay seem like a lot. I believe it should just be made legal altogether though. It has a lot of medicinal benefits without the addictive qualities of painkillers and is also safe for recreational use.


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