Impression Post week 3

There are many different ways that parents can raise their children. Some parent’s believe in a very disciplined home, while other families let their kids do as they please and allow them to have more free time. I think the past reflects on how hard the parents are on their children. If the parents grew up in a home where their parents were tough and hard on them, their likely to do the same to their kids. In addition, many families have different religions and that has a very big deal with what the children in the family are allowed to do and not allowed to do. In my opinion I think that the worst form of parenting is helicopter parenting. I think that if you pay too much attention to what their doing and are always up in their business, it causes stress to them and it makes them fell uncomfortable and constantly worried. My friend Andrew’s parents are like this, and I almost feel bad for him because he’s always on edge and can never feel at peace. For example, if we ever go out he’s constantly looking at his phone to check the time and not living in the moment. If I were a parent I would let my kid have free time and space but I would correct him if he ever did anything wrong. I would be hard on him but also let him know that I still love him no matter what. Sometimes parents are so hard on their kids, the kids them self start to question if their parents even like them. And that’s when the kids or teenagers make bad decisions and want to rebel. However this is just my own opinion on parenting.


Author: simon665

A sophomore student at Elizabeth town. I am currently pursuing my major in communications and hope to become music album cover designer.

2 thoughts on “Impression Post week 3”

  1. I agree with your reasoning to an extent. I think the different parenting styles resolve to different attachment and bond styles between a child and their parents. As you said being a helicopter parent can cause a kid to distance themselves from their own parents. They no longer want them to be such a big part in their lives so they basically shut them out and never reveal any details. These types of kids could be labeled as avoidant, they are unable to find comfort from their parents, so they keep many of their emotions or worries to themselves. Having a balance between strict and soft can result in a more secure attachment style between parent and child. There is more trust and understanding between the individuals which allows better problem solving if unwanted situations may arise. Although parents always want what is best for their kids and just “keeping tabs” on what their doing can help lead them in the right direction. If a child wants to believe it or not, parents have the experience and knowledge that can prove to be right in many situations.

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  2. In some ways I agree with your beliefs that helicopter parenting may not be the best style, but it is important parents still have strong involvement in a child’s life. I don’t agree with your statement that a parent should not pay too much attention to their child and their business all the time. Especially in early stages of childhood development, it is important to have control over a child’s decisions and actions because this will shape them in the future. There are different types of attachment a child can develop with their mother or caregiver as seen by the Strange Situation Test. A caring mother who is always there at the needs of the child and knows where the child is at, is going to have a secure attachment. The child will feel comfortable and soothed by mom. However, the type of parenting your describing as ideal may inflict a type of insecure attachment. If a child doesn’t feel like mom is a very dependable or a reliable source, for example if she’s not always involved or is inconsistent, the child may become avoidant or ambivalent. Being to controlling as a parent may result in insecure attachment as well. That is why it is important parenting styles adjust with a child’s age and parents find some sort of balance. As individuals grow older establishing a little bit of freedom is important but this shouldn’t come until I believe Piaget’s Formal Operations Stage, when a child is around 12 years old. A parent should always know where a child is at until the child is grown and independent enough not to have to rely on them for everything. As you get older a parent should establish a looser grip over your life.


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