Okay Impression post #1

This being my first impression post, I’m not quit sure what to write about. Being in the first few classes of psychology has taught me a little more than what I already know. One of the most important things that I learned so far is how important cognitive psychology is. It focuses on all of the major important things that go on within the human mind. Such as how people process information, develop language, and solve problems by thinking it out in their mind. All of these things are involved in our lives every day, but not everyone thinks the same or has the same biological perspective. Why are some people more moody than others ? or why do some people get very mad and angry at small things, but others don’t seem to mind. Everyone has different behavioral genetics. But one of the big questions I have is are behavioral genetics actually inherited ? or are they the reflections of our parents and growing up watching them our whole lives. These are questions that I ask when I look or talk to some one who is angry or has mood issues or is just rude in general. One of the first things that I think of is what kind of parents or siblings does this person have ? If they are very personable and friendly I assume they come from a good family with parents that are caring. On the other hand, If I talk to someone or run into someone that is rude or not very polite, I automatically assume that they come from a family where they were neglected, their parents split up, had a bad childhood, etc. That is my opinion on behavior issues and why people are more angry then others.


Author: simon665

A sophomore student at Elizabeth town. I am currently pursuing my major in communications and hope to become music album cover designer.

One thought on “Okay Impression post #1”

  1. I love this question of whether or not we inherit certain behaviors or if we are influenced growing up. With the whole nature vs nurture debate, researchers have concluded that it is a healthy mix of nature (genetics) and nurture (influencing), but when it comes to emotions and behaviors, I believe those are most influenced by how you were raised and how your caregivers behaved. As we learn about the Attachment theory, we will see just how influential caregivers are on a child from birth to age five. They say that after age five, our personality’s are pretty much set, so just think about all of the things you picked up from your parents, consciously or not, over the years. They are your greatest teacher from birth throughout the early years of life. I firmly believe it is a mix between nature and nurture, but behaviors like you mentioned are mostly influenced.

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