Miguel’s Problems extra credit

What Miguel is going through is something that is very common among high school students and other college students across the country and world wide. What I think is going on with Miguel in this situation is that the lack of sleep he’s getting, is affecting his mood and his ability to fall asleep at night. It would make sense that after a while of getting no sleep one could go too bed without any problems, but night after night of getting no sleep can make people feel very anxious and get angry at small things that have no meaning. I can relate to Miguel because this has happened to me. Coming from a psychodynamic perspective I think that Miguel’s mind is telling him what to do rather than himself telling him what to do. I think that Miguel lacks self confidence because he is always trying to perfect everything. What many people don’t realize is that the majority of the population lacks self confidence. From a behavioral stand point I would tell Miguel to maybe try talking to someone. Everyone has a different mental process but from a cognitive perspective I think in order to solve Miguel’s problems, I think he should maybe try talking to a counselor or someone who is struggling with the same issues.


Author: simon665

A sophomore student at Elizabeth town. I am currently pursuing my major in communications and hope to become music album cover designer.

One thought on “Miguel’s Problems extra credit”

  1. Even though you didn’t label it that way, I’m going to interpret your assessment of the role of sleep in Miguel’s problem as your neuroscience perspective. For the psychoanalytic perspective, I think you’re referencing the unconscious mind when you say he’s not telling himself what to do. You had good recommendations for Miguel based on a behavioral and cognitive framework, but I wanted you to describe Miguel’s problems from these perspectives. I couldn’t find your cultural explanation either, but I think your reference to self-esteem was how you were tying in the humanistic perspective. You’re on the right track with these Simon, but make sure to be connecting your ideas directly to the concepts from class.


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